The current situation in Slovakia brings many challenges that its inhabitants have to face. The crisis period brought difficulties to our households, the solution of which is difficult for ordinary people. Many people solve their situation with easily accessible loans, which, however, carry high interest rates. This group of loans can include credit card loans, the purchase of goods in installments or quick loans from sub-prime lenders. The Slovak legislation also responded to the unbearable interest rates of some loan companies by adjusting the conditions under which loans can be provided to clients. Nevertheless, many Slovak households suffer from high repayments and even threats of bailiffs.


In these circumstances, the demand for a truly comprehensive solution to the financial situation of clients is becoming more and more urgent. At trinity QQ, we use proven products from our partners to help our clients get rid of the burden of unbearable interest, thus giving them a positive outlook to the future.


We provide credit services not only as part of services in financing the construction or purchase of real estate, but also separately in situations like buying a car, refinancing old loans and others.


  Púchov, Trenčín Region, Slovakia

Tel: +421 918 977 594

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