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Due to a certain loss of confidence in the financial sector as well as the practices of some insurance agents, insurance as a concept began to be associated with terms such as "the necessary evil", "distrust" or "thrown out money", to which most people respond with "I'm not interested".


In 2013, a certain insurance company in Slovakia registered 321 insurance claims caused by the weight of snow in the total amount of €130,000 in two winter months.

What was the result? The result was that the average amount of indemnity per claim reached €405! Such an amount, in principle, cannot cover the cost of even removing the destroyed roof; the cost of a new roof is counted in tousands of euros. Where is the root of the problem?


The development of real estate prices over the last 25 years indicates that real estate prices have more than doubled, depending on the location.


So is an insurance contract concluded 25 years ago still relevant today?

In these circumstances, the demand for a truly comprehensive solution to the financial situation of clients is becoming more and more urgent.


Credit products, property insurance, investments, income insurance in the event of disability or other unforeseen situations are areas that cannot be viewed in isolation. Complexity is therefore the basic starting point for compiling the client's product portfolio.


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